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art Michala Brincker

Greenish Tail Whale | Sculpture | Edition of 1

Greenish Tail Whale | Sculpture | Edition of 1

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The "Greenish Tail Whale" sculpture is unique as only one has been made. The sculpture is turnable and beautiful from both sides. The whale sculpture is exhibited at the Art Restaurant LUMSKEBUGTEN in the center of Copenhagen. The sculpture comes with the driftwood-flower-bouquet. But please note that the sculpture is also beautiful without the bouquet.

Quote from Michala: "Working in clay is peaceful and liberating as I'm so close to the nature. The material is alive - that is what I love about working in clay. 

"I get inspiration from the nature, and all the material for making this little whale, I have found in the nature - such as; driftwood, abandoned mussels & snail shells, stones, dried flowers, seaweed, moss etc."

Edition of 1 - (private collection)

Title: Greenish Tail Whale

Year: 2023

Size in cm: 16,5cm high, 22cm width, 12cm depth

(The size is without the "bouquet")

Material & Glaze: Burned stone-clay K129N with 30% chamotte. Coated with a copper green glaze.

Artist: Michala Brincker

COA: A certificate of authenticity comes with the art sculpture. The sculpture is signed and dated.

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