Artwork: My limited edition fine art prints are all created in Photoshop where I work with photos, layers, shadows, filters, a digital pen and drawings. From a distance my artwork looks like a photo - but if you look closer it’s more like a painting.

Sculptures: My art sculptures are all unique, one-of-a-kind. I love the peaceful and liberating process of working in clay. The material is alive and having the clay in my hands is an amazing feeling.

Art Exhibitions:

My art has until now been exhibited at Art Exhibitions, Pop-Up-Art-Events, in Galleries and at Silent Auctions in Denmark, New York, Miami Art Palm Beach, Verbier, Zurich, PHOTO15, Milano, Mallorca and South of France.

ARTWORK - Fine art prints

My fine art limited edition prints (and my wall art sculpture prints)... 

SCULPTURES - Unique art sculptures

My art sculptures are all unique - as I only make one...