Michala Brincker

Visual Artist. Born in 1967 Copenhagen, Denmark. Ceramics sculpture Art Class at Jeanette Brøndsted 2018-20. Multimedia Designer Lyngby Media & Design Business School Denmark 2006 + BBA in Academy Economist BBA Copenhagen Business College Niels Brock 1992. As well as years of self-taught teaching hours in Digital Art Photography / Photographic Art and Sculptor.

Michala Brincker has specialised in making exclusive and unique art sculptures and fine art photography for beautiful homes. Michala loves designing art that touches one's heart and brings a smile to one's face. Michala's art has until now been exhibited at Art Exhibitions in Copenhagen, New York, Miami, Art Palm Beach, Verbier, Zurich, PHOTO15, Mallorca and South of France.

  • The Artwork - the design process

    Michala designs her artwork on the computer. The artwork is being build up in layers in Photoshop (sometimes up to 600 layers), this takes a lot of time - but the time is well spent as the finishing result gives the viewer a 3D type of effect making the images pop out of the painting and making them look powerful and alive. Michala loves designing art that touches your heart and brings a smile to your face. Each work of art tells its own story normally with a twist of humour.

  • The Sculptures - the design process

    Michala build up her ceramic art sculptures piece by piece by hand - It is a slowly process but it gives her full control over the whole sculpture design and its structure. When the sculptures are burned, they are nearly as solid as a stone. She only makes one of each sculpture simply because it is more fun for her to work in this way. Michala loves creating her sculptures in different shapes and giving them life and personality. The whole process is very spiritual to her.

Word from the artist

” Through my digital and creative knowledge within graphic and multimedia design I started creating digital art and fine art photography. It actually all started with a Dinosaur... Yes, that's correct I couldn't find any cool and large artwork for my kid’s rooms, so I created an art piece with a Dino and before I really understood what was happening, I had setup a little company making art for kid’s rooms. This is off course many years ago but it has led me to where I am today.

In 2019 I was invited to join an art ceramics class in Copenhagen. As a child I did not hear the school bell ring when I was in the ceramic workshop so you can imagine how excited I was. Working with clay has opened my creative heart towards a new dimension.

As you hopefully can see here on my webpage; I absolutely love what I do - and I am so grateful that The Universe has been so kind to me. Imagine being able to do what you love that's a great gift.

My childhood & life, inspirations/influences: I discovered my passion for photography and drawing at a very young age. My father had a number of Leica cameras that I was allowed to play with, my Godfather was a successful photographer and my mother was a graphic designer. My mother’s uncle was a famous Danish sculptor, ceramicist and painter. My late grandfather was a publisher focusing on comics and children’s illustrated books he tested so many books and illustrations on us (his grandchildren) so storytelling and looking at images have had a great impact on my life. As you can see all of these lovely people inspired me so much and they are actually the ones who have educated me to be the one I am today.

My parents were full of energy and they involved me in so many interesting things. I grew up in a wonderful, creative and adventurous family and throughout my childhood I sailed in the Swedish archipelago where the light is breath taking and inspiring. I have spent every summer holiday with my family in our beautiful summerhouse where drawing, playing and building rafts and tree houses were part of my daily life. During the winter we went skiing in the French Alps where I started experimenting with my camera. As a contrast to the liberal and creative environment I enjoyed at home, I attended an international school in Copenhagen run by Catholic nuns. I have lived in many countries and I speak Danish, Swedish, English, German and French. I am dyslexic so I'm sure that you will find some spelling mistakes on my webpage sorry I'm not perfect. But I think that this little "handicap" has boosted my creative sense.

​At the age of 21 I survived a severe accident which took years of training to recover from. It was a very hard time but also a gift, as it made me look at life in a very different way. I think that my dedication to my art is due to what has happened to me in the past, the present and to what the future holds... Sometimes life can be challenging, but I feel very privileged that I can dedicate my time in my own little creative world. So welcome to my world :-)

​My job is my hobby and life are my inspiration. My kids are the greatest gift in life, they inspire me every day and help me look at the world through different eyes. I love my family and friends. I also really love sailing. I think that the sea has had a huge influence in who I am and how I work. The sea fills me up with so much energy and so many ideas. Interior design are also great passions of mine. I also love the nature and its inhabitants - but I am very concerned about the future of our earth. I think that is why I try to make my animals in my art as human as possible to show my audience that they have souls too. I really enjoy creating art that inspire people. Love and compassion are some of the topics that I use in my art pieces. Each work of art tells its own story normally with a twist of humour.”

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