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art Michala Brincker

Zurich - CITY ARTWORK blue - Edition of 3

Zurich - CITY ARTWORK blue - Edition of 3

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Edition of:
Size: (80x60 cm = 31.49x23.62 inches)

The Zurich city artwork blue is printed as Fine Art Museum print - printed behind acrylic glass ready to hang on your wall. The artwork is a fine art photography print.

Art Exhibition: The Zurich City blue artwork has been exhibited in Switzerland in Zurich at the art event at DER 4TE RAUM by IQOS sponsored by Philip Morris in 2016.

The Zurich artwork has been designed by the Danish Visual Artist Michala Brincker. 

Edition of 3

Size in cm: 80x60 cm

Size inches: 31.49x23.62 inches

The artwork comes with a certificate of authentication.

Year 2015

Artist: Michala Brincker

Material: Museum Print under Gallery Acrylic Glass.

Ready to hang

The artwork is without a frame. 

Please note that the artwork is without a frame. Simply because it looks very cool without framing and also because that over the years we have learned that framing is very individual from person to person - as it depends on the style and colours in the home. If you want your artwork to be framed, we kindly suggest that you use a local glazier shop near you to do the framing. 

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