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art Michala Brincker

All in one umbrella - LONDON ARTWORK - Edition of 10

All in one umbrella - LONDON ARTWORK - Edition of 10

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Edition of:
Size: (160x120 cm = 62.99 x 47.24 inches)

The London city artwork "All in one umbrella" has been designed by the Danish visual artist Michala Brincker. The artwork is unique as only 10 editions are being made - no matter size.

The artwork is printed as Fine Art Museum print - printed behind acrylic glass ready to hang on your wall.

Edition of 10

Title: All in one umbrella artwork

Size in cm: 160 x 120 cm

Size in inches: 62.99 x 47.24 inches

The artwork comes with a certificate of authentication. 

Year 2017

Artist: Michala Brincker

Material: Museum Print under Gallery Acrylic Glass.

Ready to hang

The artwork is without a frame. 

Please note that the artwork is without a frame. Simply because it looks very cool without framing and also because that over the years we have learned that framing is very individual from person to person - as it depends on the style and colours in the home. If you want your artwork to be framed, we kindly suggest that you use a local glazier shop near you to do the framing. 

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