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art Michala Brincker

All in one umbrella - LONDON CITY ARTWORK - Edition of 10

All in one umbrella - LONDON CITY ARTWORK - Edition of 10

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Size: (160x120 cm = 62.99 x 47.24 inches)

The London city artwork "London - All in one umbrella" has been designed by the Danish visual artist Michala Brincker. The artwork is printed as Fine Art Museum print - printed behind acrylic glass ready to hang on your wall.

"I got inspiration to do this artwork from having lived in London, I lived in St John's Wood and I loved walking around in the streets surrounded by people with blue umbrellas.

Limited Edition of 10 no matter size 

Artist Proof of 3 no matter size

Title: London - All in one umbrella artwork

Size in cm: 160 x 120cm (Size in inches is about: 62.99 x 47.24 inches).

COA: The artwork comes with a certificate of authentication. 

Year: 2017

Artist: Michala Brincker

Material: Museum Print under Gallery Acrylic Glass.

The artwork is ready for you to hang on your wall (there is a hanging system on the back of your artwork) - the artwork is without a frame.

If you wish to purchase the artwork in a different size or framed or both, please contact me by email. If you would rather buy my art via email with an invoice, you are also very welcome to contact me by email.

Thank you for your interest in my art.

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