Art by Michala Brincker

Welcome to my univers I design unique art sculptures and limited photo art prints. Hidden in my art is always a message that is up to the viewer to find - as each work of art tells its own story normally with a twist of humour, love or compassion. I loves designing art that touches one's heart or brings a smile to one's face.

I am inspired by my surroundings, the inexplicable, the incomprehensible and the unsaid. I believe in love, humanity, gratitude, empathy, connectedness, nature and a higher consciousness. It gives me joy every single day to work with my hands and to create art. I love to play with my imagination, to experiment and explore the possibilities in both shapes and colours.

My Mission is to create art that inspires people. I also love to spread positive energy and joy in the room. I love my life and I have big dreams. I am guided by an inexplicable urge to create, I have so many ideas. I am forever grateful to have been given this gift.

Why I create my art is not a question here. I simply cannot stop creating, I am driven by an inexplicable urge to create. The process of creation itself is healing and does something good for my soul. The hardest part is selling my art because it's like I'm selling a part of me... Sounds weird I know. Slowly I'm learning to let go and just be grateful that my art touches so many.

My Art Sculptures are all unique, as I only make one sculpture of each. I build up my sculptures by hand - piece by piece, it is a wonderful process I absolutely love making my sculptures, I have so many ideas and at the moment this is taking all my time. My sculptures are all signed & dated and a certificate of authentication comes with the sculptures.

My Fine Photo Art Prints are all created electronically in Photoshop. I work in many layers using different filters, brushes, stamps etc. I use both photos and drawings in my art. From a distance my artwork looks like a photo - but if you look closer it’s more like a painting. My artwork is printed as fine art museum prints - printed behind acrylic glass ready to hang on your wall. My artwork is signed and dated and a certificate of authentication comes with the artwork.

My art has until now been exhibited at Art Exhibitions, Pop-Up-Art-Events, in Galleries and at Silent Auctions in Denmark, New York, Miami Art Palm Beach, Verbier, Zurich, PHOTO15, Milano, Mallorca and South of France.

Photo Artwork & Sculptures:

ARTWORK - Fine Art Museum Prints

ARTWORK - Fine Art Museum Prints

The Fine Art Museum prints are printed behind acrylic glass - ready... 

SCULPTURES - Unique Art Sculptures

SCULPTURES - Unique Art Sculptures

The Art Sculptures are all unique - as only one of each...