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art Michala Brincker

Moon & Sun - Studio 54 | Sculpture | Edition of 1

Moon & Sun - Studio 54 | Sculpture | Edition of 1

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Moon & Sun sculpture is unique as only one has been made. The Moon & Sun Sculpture is turnable - it has a face on both sides. The Moon & Sun Sculpture has been designed by the Danish Visual Artist Michala Brincker. Michala was inspired by Studio 54 New York.

Quote from Michala: "Working in clay is peaceful and liberating as I'm so close to the nature. The material is alive - that is what I love about working in clay".

Art Exhibition 2023, Denmark: From February 2023 the Moon and Sun sculpture ("the Studio 54 sculpture") is exhibited at the famous restaurant LUMSKEBUGTEN situated in Copenhagen. 

Edition of 1

Title: Moon & Sun - Studio 54

Year: 2021

Size in cm: 44cm high,  38cm width,  29cm depth.

Size in inches: 17.3in high, 14.9in width, 11.4in depth.

Material & Glaze: Burned stone-clay 1153 a sandy clay with metal and 40% chamotte. Coated with a beige metallic glaze. 

Artist: Michala Brincker

COA: A certificate of authenticity comes with the art sculpture. The sculpture is signed and dated.

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