• Ceramic Art Sculptures:

    I create my art sculptures from the soil of Mother Earth. I build up my sculptures by hand in stoneware clay. They are burned twice and in the second burning the glaze is added. When the sculptures are burned, they are nearly as solid as a stone.


    My art sculptures are all unique - one-of-a-kind, as I only make one sculpture of each. I love the peaceful and liberating process of working in clay. The material is alive and having the clay in my hands is an amazing feeling.

  • Certificate of Authentication:

    A Certificate of Authentication COA comes with each art sculpture.

    The sculptures are also signed and dated on the back - or inside the sculpture.

  • Fine art print:

    My artwork is printed as Fine Art Print under Acrylic Glass.

    Ready to hang: The artwork comes with a hanging system on the back of the artwork - ready for you to hang on your wall.

  • Limited Edition & Certificate:

    The art prints are part of my Limited Edition prints from 5 up to 20 pcs., but same edition number - no matter size.

    Artist Proof (AP) prints are only available in max 3 pcs per artwork - no matter size.

    COA: A Certificate of Authentication comes with the artwork.

  • Framing:

    The artwork here on this site is without a frame (simply because my artwork looks very cool without framing).

    BUT if you want your artwork framed then please let me know and I will help you choose the perfect frame. Framing cost a little extra.

    Please contact me by email if you want your artwork framed.

  • Custom-size artwork:

    Should you need the artwork in another size so that it will fit your wall perfectly, then I will be happy to help you with this. Look also below in the possible standard artwork sizes. Here you can find the standard size for the artwork in question and see the other possible sizes for this artwork under the standard size column. Please note that an extra fee will be charged for ordering a larger size artwork. The edition number for the artwork is the same no matter what size you choose. Contact me by e-mail if you need the artwork in another size.

  • Artwork vertical:

    80x60 cm = ("31.49x23.62"inches)

    120x90 cm = ("47.24x35.43"inches)

    140x105 cm = ("55.12x41.34"inches)

    160x120 cm = ("62.99x47.24"inches)

    180x135 cm = ("70.86x53.15"inches)

  • Artwork horizontal:

    112 x 63 cm = ("44.09x24.80")

    128x72 cm = ("50.39x28.34")

    144x81 cm = ("56.69x31.89")

    160x90 cm = ("66.99x35.43")

    176x99 cm = ("69.29x38.97")

  • Artwork square:

    60x60 cm = ("23.62x23.62")

    80x80 cm = ("31.49x31.49")

    100x100 cm = ("39.37x39.37")

    120x120 cm = ("47.24x47.24")

    150x150 cm = ("59.05x59.05")

  • Artwork other:

    90x60 cm = ("35.43x23.62")

    105x70 cm = ("41.33x27.56")

    120x80 cm = ("47.24x31.49")

    150x100 cm = ("59.05x39.37")

    180x120 cm = ("70.86x47.24")

  • The colours differ on a computer screen and in print, screen colour is made by mixing coloured light, print colour is made by mixing coloured ink.

  • The artwork and sculptures that you can see here on my site are displayed digitally on your computer, therefore please notice that the colours may vary a little bit from the artwork that you receive.

  • I can therefore not guarantee that your computer’s display of the colours on the art accurately reflect the colour of the art that you have ordered.

  • Care Instructions - ARTWORK:

    When cleaning the acrylic or dibond ARTWORK, you have to use a soft dry cloth (non-fuzzy, microfiber cloth) to clean/dust your artwork. Do not use glass cleaning products. 

    Care Instructions - SCULPTURE:

    The sculptures are very solid. You can clean the art sculptures with a soft dry cloth or with a cloth with water.

  • Shipping & Secure Art Packaging:

    The artwork and sculptures are shipped in secure art packaging, I'm using my certified shipping partners. Your order will be shipped to the delivery address you provide. If you are not available to receive the delivery, a message will be left for you so that you can contact the carrier to arrange a suitable date.