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art Michala Brincker

Holy Crab - SCULPTURE - Edition of 1

Holy Crab - SCULPTURE - Edition of 1

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The Holy Crab Sculpture is unique as only one has been made. The Holy Crab Sculpture is turnable. The Crab Sculpture has been designed by the Danish Visual Artist Michala Brincker.

When I make my art sculptures I use my hands only (no machines are involved in the process), step by step I build up my sculptures.

Quote from Michala: "Working in clay is peaceful and liberating as I'm so close to the nature. The material is alive - that is what I love about working in clay."

"I get inspiration from the sea every time I go sailing. I love sailing and diving and just being close to the sea increases my creativity."

Art Exhibition in 2023, Denmark: The Holy Crab Sculpture has been exhibited at Galleriet Hornbæk (Art Dealer Susanne Risom), Hornbæk, Denmark.

Edition of 1

Title: Holy Crab - Art Sculpture

Year: 2023

Size in cm: 34cm high, 29cm width, 31cm depth.

Size in inches: 13.4 in high, 11.4 in width, 12.2 in depth.

Material & Glaze: Burned stone-clay 1153 a sandy clay with metal and 40% chamotte. Coated with a dark blue and a brown metallic glaze.

Clay number: 1153 light sandy clay with metal and 40% chamotte.

Artist: Michala Brincker

COA: A certificate of authenticity comes with the art sculpture. The sculpture is signed and dated.

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